The Suez Canal is once again the scene of a maritime accident

the gas carrier “BW Lesmes” and the oil tanker “Burri” collided in Suez

Suez canal with Burry vessel

In a recent maritime incident in the Suez Canal, the gas carrier “BW Lesmes” and the oil tanker “Burri” collided without any significant incidents, aside from a brief disruption in navigation. This morning’s incident, as reported on the Suez Canal’s website, unfolded at kilometer 144 when the “BW Lesmes” abruptly stopped in the waterway due to a technical malfunction in its steering and machinery, leading to a loss of control. These malfunctions coincided with a strong water current, causing the oil tanker “Burri” to make slight contact with the disabled gas carrier.

Admiral Ossama Rabiee, President, and CEO of the Suez Canal Authority, confirmed that tugboats swiftly managed the navigation emergency by towing and securing the oil tanker while connecting tow lines from four other tugboats to the “Lesmes.”

Initial inspections have not revealed any significant damage or environmental incidents.

The gas carrier “BW Lesmes,” bearing the flag of Singapore, measures 295 meters in length, 46 meters in width, and has a gross tonnage of 121,000 tons. Meanwhile, the oil tanker “Burri” is approximately 250 meters long, 44 meters wide, and has a gross tonnage of 67,000 tons.

Admiral Rabiee conveyed a message of reassurance and confirmed that navigation in both directions will return to normal within “a few hours.” The swift response of the maritime authorities in handling the situation reflects the commitment to maintaining the safe and efficient passage of vessels through the vital Suez Canal, a key artery for global maritime trade.

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