Abu Dhabi Ports Nears $2 Billion Acquisition of Indonesia’s Meratus

AD Ports’ Strategic Move Marks Ongoing Consolidation in Intra-Asian Container Shipping Landscape


Abu Dhabi Ports (AD Ports), an exponentially expanding entity within the maritime sector, is on the verge of finalizing a substantial acquisition deal valued at approximately $2 billion. The target of this strategic move is Indonesia’s premier container shipping line, Meratus, which has been actively on the market since July. Meratus, headquartered in Surabaya, operates a robust container fleet comprising more than 60 vessels, ranging from 135 to 2,700 twenty-foot equivalent units (teu), thereby solidifying its standing as a significant player in the maritime industry.

AD Ports, already positioned as a key player in ports and shipping, has been diligently broadening its global presence. The group’s recent agreements span regions including Angola, Egypt, Congo, and Central Asia, underscoring its commitment to a comprehensive market presence. Furthermore, AD Ports has augmented its tanker fleet and established a non-vessel owning common carrier in collaboration with the Dubai-listed logistics company, Aramex.

This impending acquisition follows AD Ports’ trend of strategic expansion, having recently acquired notable container lines such as Global Feeder Shipping and Transmar. Industry experts, such as Lars Jensen, the founder of consultancy Vespucci Maritime, view this move as part of the broader trend of consolidation in the intra-Asian container shipping landscape. Jensen anticipates continued consolidation in the Asian market, emphasizing the growing influence of both AD Ports and DP World in the container shipping sector. As AD Ports continues to fortify its global presence, the acquisition of Meratus is poised to contribute significantly to the company’s burgeoning portfolio and market influence.


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