Revolutionary Maritime Pact Links Mediterranean and Northern Europe for Seamless Trade

DFDS, VIIA, and French Ports Sign Agreement at Logitrans, Elevating Turkish-European Supply Chain Efficiency

DFDS, VIIA, and French Ports Sign Agreement

In a landmark development at the Logitrans fair in Istanbul, leading maritime operators DFDS and VIIA, in collaboration with the French ports of Sète and Calais, have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding. This strategic agreement aims to establish a vital link between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, signifying a concerted effort to enhance the flow and reliability of trade between Turkey, the European Union, and the United Kingdom.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide Turkish businesses and transporters exporting to European markets with an efficient and expeditious logistical solution. This involves establishing a seamless connection between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe through a combination of ferry and rail services.

The prescribed route covered by this agreement encompasses the transportation of goods to the port of Sète via DFDS’ Yalova – Sète and Izmir – Sète lines, followed by rail connectivity to the port of Calais facilitated by VIIA. From Calais, the journey continues to Tilbury, United Kingdom, courtesy of DFDS.

Critical optimizations in the scheduling of ro-ro services in the Mediterranean, rail services in France, and ro-ro and ferry departures in the English Channel collectively ensure a significant enhancement in transport services from Turkey to the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the early submission of customs declarations adds a layer of fluidity to border crossings, streamlining the overall logistical process. The integration of rail highways further contributes to the imperative goal of decarbonizing transportation, as transporting a semi-trailer by train translates to a reduction of one ton of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This collaborative effort marks a pivotal step towards fostering sustainable and efficient maritime connections in the realm of international trade.

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