Navigating Challenges: Jeff Bezos’ Mega Yacht, Koru, Defies Traditional Berth Norms

The World’s Largest Sailing Yacht Finds Itself Among Tankers and Industry in Fort Lauderdale, Prompting Consideration of Purpose-Built Yacht Piers


Renowned entrepreneur Jeff Bezos faces a unique maritime challenge with his possession of the world’s largest sailing yacht, the 417-foot-long Koru. The vessel, valued at an impressive $500 million, has drawn attention not only for its opulence but also for the logistical hurdles it presents in navigating seaports.

Last year, during the yacht’s construction, headlines were made when shipyard Oceanco sought permission to temporarily deconstruct a historic drawbridge to facilitate Koru’s passage to the sea. The drawbridge, unable to accommodate the towering masts of the world’s largest sailing yacht, sparked local controversy, and the shipyard ultimately abandoned the idea. The vessel’s masts were eventually stepped after navigating the waterway.

Currently berthed in Fort Lauderdale, widely hailed as the “yacht capital of the world,” Koru raises eyebrows as it shares a commercial pier with solid working vessels like the Magnolia State, Overseas Tampa, Mersini, and Radiant Sea, along with shoreside neighbors such as an asphalt terminal, a cement plant, and tank farms for diesel and gasoline. This unconventional arrangement diverges from the typical berthing associations for yachts of Koru’s caliber.

Despite its incongruent setting, the premier Fort Lauderdale superyacht marina, located a mere 4,000 feet away, falls short in accommodating Koru, with its largest berth limited to 400 feet. Unless Bezos invests in a purpose-built yacht pier, the vessel may have limited docking options.

Bezos’ relocation to Florida from Seattle, with property acquisition in Indian Creek Village, aligns with his business interests, including Blue Origin’s operations at Cape Canaveral and Amazon’s expanding office presence in the Miami region. The juxtaposition of Koru amid the industrial bustle of Fort Lauderdale’s working harbor underscores the unique challenges faced by owners of extraordinary maritime assets in finding suitable berthing solutions.

(File image courtesy Oceanco)


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