Toward Maritime Sustainability: Cepsa and C2X Unveil €1 Billion Green Methanol Plant in Spain’s Port of Huelva

Pioneering Collaboration Aims for 300,000 Tonnes Annual Production, 1 Million Tonnes CO2 Reduction, and 2,500 New Jobs


Cepsa and C2X, prominent entities in the maritime industry, have unveiled an ambitious initiative to establish a cutting-edge green methanol facility within the strategic confines of the Port of Huelva, Spain. This monumental €1 billion undertaking is poised to catapult the region into the vanguard of sustainable fuel production.

The envisioned plant is slated to achieve an impressive annual production capacity of 300,000 tonnes of green methanol, thereby wielding a substantial impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to the tune of 1 million tonnes annually. Beyond the laudable environmental dividends, this endeavor is poised to be a catalyst for economic revitalization in the Andalusian region, with projections indicating the creation of approximately 2,500 new jobs.

The selection of the Andalusian region for this transformative project is not arbitrary. Endowed with a robust renewable electricity capacity, coupled with state-of-the-art industrial and port infrastructure, Andalusia emerges as a strategic global locus for the production of green methanol. The synergistic interplay of these factors positions the Port of Huelva as a focal point for sustainable maritime fuel production, aligning with broader industry trends towards decarbonization and renewable energy integration. The collaboration between Cepsa and C2X heralds a significant milestone in the maritime sector’s transition towards environmentally responsible practices and underscores the pivotal role that Andalusia is poised to play in this paradigm shift.

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