CMA CGM Unveils Largest Dual-Fuel Containerships for South America Route

Cutting-edge Technology and Environmental Commitment Redefine Maritime Operations


CMA CGM, a prominent player in the maritime industry, has unveiled its latest addition to the fleet, marking a significant milestone in the realm of container shipping. The newly introduced class of vessels, exemplified by the impressive CMA CGM Bahia, is set to redefine maritime operations on the South America route. Not only will these ships stand as the largest dual-fuel containerships plying the South America route, but they also represent the largest deployment by CMA CGM on this specific maritime corridor.

Embarking on its service journey from China, the vessel calls at strategic ports including Hong Kong and Singapore before making its way to South America, with Rio de Janeiro and several ports in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina among its crucial stops. The route encompasses a total of 17 ports, with the vessels boasting weekly sailings and an approximate voyage duration of 91 days.

The CMA CGM Bahia, a technological marvel in itself, stands at a staggering 145,650 deadweight tons (dwt) and boasts a maximum nominal capacity of 13,200 twenty-foot equivalent units (teus). Stretching across a length of 336 meters and featuring a beam of 51 meters, the vessel is designed to navigate at an impressive service speed of 21 knots. It is noteworthy that the vessel is registered in Malta, a testament to the global nature of modern shipping operations.

Incorporating cutting-edge efficiency-enhancing features, the CMA CGM Bahia is equipped with a substantial wind deflector positioned at the bow of the ship. This innovative design, subjected to testing earlier in the year on existing vessels, is anticipated to yield a remarkable reduction in fuel consumption, ranging from 2% to 4%. Additionally, the vessel incorporates an energy-saving device designed to optimize propeller propulsion efficiency, contributing to an additional reduction of approximately one and a half percent in energy consumption.

CMA CGM, at the forefront of environmental responsibility in the maritime sector, recently disclosed a substantial investment exceeding $17 billion. This substantial financial commitment is directed towards procuring a fleet comprising nearly 120 LNG- and methanol-powered ships, all slated for delivery by 2027. Notably, CMA CGM emphasizes the versatility of LNG vessels, highlighting their capability to operate on bio/e-methane, a green alternative poised to redefine the environmental landscape of current LNG operations. This commitment underscores the company’s dedication to sustainable practices and innovation within the maritime industry.

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