AESBA Port Community Demonstrates Solidarity Once Again at Annual Dinner

Port Unity in Action: AESBA Gala Dinner Showcases Maritime Solidarity and Philanthropy


The Alborán Hotel in Algeciras played host to the annual dinner organized by AESBA (Association of Companies of the Bay of Algeciras) where the port community showcased its charitable efforts. Representatives from various port-related businesses gathered for the event, emphasizing the industry’s commitment to social responsibility.

This year, the port companies joined forces to support three charitable causes: Barrio Vivo, Algeciras Patina, and the Algeciras Reyes Magos Association. AESBA made generous donations during the charity dinner, contributing a total of 2,500 euros to Algeciras Patina and 21,810 euros to Barrio Vivo.

Paco, a representative from the Reyes Magos Association, expressed the importance of such initiatives, stating, “We have been doing this for 26 years. There are families that cannot afford to give presents to their children. While the primary concern is food, it’s disheartening when a family cannot provide a gift for their children. Events like today help us collect around 80 or 90 toys.”

The AESBA dinner, held at the elegantly adorned Alborán Hotel, marked a special night for the port community. Manolo Piedra, the president of AESBA, highlighted the significance of the event, saying, “It’s a very special night because the entire port community comes together, raising funds for an association that will bring joy to many people.”

Piedra emphasized the social objectives of the event, stating, “The goal is social; we always hear people asking not to make everything so sorrowful. We did it before with the friends of Cubo de la Música, and now Algeciras Patina has joined, contributing to both sports and the community.”

The AESBA night is not just about charity; it’s also about enjoyment. Piedra remarked, “We don’t want a sad or melancholic dinner. We started with a groundbreaking dinner, and we try to ensure that people have a good time.” He shared a lighthearted anecdote about his unique bowtie, mentioning, “My wife gives me a new bowtie as a gift to debut at the AESBA dinner.”

Expressing gratitude to the Alborán Hotel, Piedra explained the venue rotation among partner hotels and acknowledged the significant effort of the hotel staff in providing high-quality products for the event.

Regarding the port’s performance, Piedra noted, “The year is going well because the port is doing well. There are always areas for improvement, historical issues that need resolution. Tonight is not only about solidarity but also about advocacy, such as the issue of the outer anchorage. Thankfully, the port is thriving, but challenges persist, and we must continue working.”

Representatives from Algeciras Patina also shared their experiences, with Richard Ardanaz expressing gratitude for AESBA’s support. He mentioned the club’s growth and its efforts to provide free classes to those in need.

Municipal representatives, Jacinto Muñoz and Álvaro Márquez, highlighted the importance of AESBA in the Algeciras port community. Márquez, the Industry Councilor, stressed the quality and leadership of the port and the unity of the port community in supporting a good cause.

Eva Pajares, representing the Junta de Andalucía, praised the solidarity of the port sector, emphasizing the importance of the port as the most significant in Andalusia and one of the most important in Spain and Europe.

In conclusion, Gerardo Landaluce, President of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras, commended the strong port community and emphasized the need for continuous advocacy. Reflecting on the year, he described it as intense, maintaining levels similar to the previous year, surpassing 100 million tons. Landaluce stressed the importance of maintaining security, trust, and a reliable environment while attracting activity and investments to the port.

The AESBA dinner has become a festive tradition in Algeciras, bringing together dozens of people to celebrate and contribute to charitable causes during the holiday season.

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