Noatum Terminals Expands Maritime Footprint with APM Terminals Castellón Acquisition

The €10 Million Deal Strengthens Noatum’s Position as a Leading Multipurpose Port Operator in the Western Mediterranean Region.


Noatum Terminals, the terminal operations arm of The Noatum Group, has successfully completed the acquisition of APM Terminals Castellón in Spain, solidifying its presence in the region’s maritime sector. The €10 million ($10.9 million) transaction represents a strategic move by Noatum to fortify its standing in Spain and enhance its current multipurpose terminal located in Castellón. Notably, the Castellón facility has recently undergone significant upgrades to improve its operational capabilities.

Joaquin Ramon Lestau, CEO of Noatum Terminals, emphasized the significance of this acquisition, stating, “With this strategic move, we reinforce our position as a premier multipurpose port operator in the Western Mediterranean region. Noatum Terminals remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering dedicated service that aligns with the rigorous quality standards set by the Noatum Group. This commitment extends to both our existing clientele and new customers, underpinned by continuous investments to ensure seamless and efficient terminal operations well into the future.”

The completion of this acquisition substantially augments Noatum’s handling capacity at the Port of Castellón, reaching an impressive 250,000 TEUs across 250,000 square meters. This accounts for a substantial 70% of the port’s total capacity, alongside the capability to manage two million tonnes of bulk cargo. Noatum, a key player within the AD Ports Group’s Logistic Cluster, underscores the strategic importance of the direct rail links connecting the two terminals to the hinterland. Additionally, the province’s prominence in tile production, with 80% of its products earmarked for export, adds a crucial dimension to the newly expanded operations.

As Noatum Terminals continues to broaden its operational footprint, the company remains resolute in its dedication to excellence, ensuring that the Port of Castellón becomes a hub of unparalleled efficiency and productivity within the maritime domain.


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