Tanking Titans: Unipec Dominates, but Faces Cargo Movement Decline in Annual Poten Report

Annual rankings reveal shifting dynamics as Unipec retains top spot amidst reduced cargo and fixture numbers.


New York-based brokerage firm Poten & Partners recently unveiled its annual dirty spot chartering rankings, shedding light on the dynamics of the tanker shipping sector. The report underscores China’s Unipec as the continued powerhouse in tanker shipping, retaining its leading position for the year 2023. However, notable trends indicate a 6.8% reduction in cargo movement for Unipec compared to the preceding year, accompanied by a decrease of 50 fixtures, as per Poten’s data.

In the Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) segment, Unipec’s reported fixtures surpassed the cumulative total of the remaining top 10 players. The Suezmax sector witnessed Total maintaining its paramount status, closely followed by ExxonMobil. Noteworthy advancements were observed, with Shell ascending from the tenth to the third position, and Unipec climbing from the ninth spot in 2022 to the sixth position.

In the Aframax spot charterers league, Vitol emerged as the front-runner, securing the top spot, followed by BP and Chevron. Despite the fluctuations in individual company standings, the global scenario depicted a 3.6% increase in reported spot cargo volumes in the past year. However, it is essential to note a concurrent decline in the number of fixtures, down by 300, accounting for a 3.8% reduction. These insights provide a comprehensive overview of the shifting dynamics and performance metrics within the maritime industry, as analyzed by Poten & Partners.

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