Port Authority of Ceuta Condemns Threats Against Maritime Repair Company

Port Authority of Ceuta Stands Firm in Support of Maritime Expansion Amidst Threats: A Boost to Economic Growth and Security


The Port Authority of Ceuta has issued a formal condemnation of the reported telephonic threats faced by the maritime repair company, Gabarras y Servicios, following its recent expression of interest in establishing a physical presence within the port.

“For years, Gabarras y Servicios has held authorization granted by the Port to provide provisioning services to vessels anchored in the bay. Recently, they have been exploring the possibility of physically establishing themselves within the port of Ceuta,” explained the Port Authority.

The entity, led by Juanma Doncel, views the expressed interest by Gabarras y Servicios as highly positive, considering it to be “a well-established player in the maritime market with over twenty years of experience,” as stated in a note issued close to eleven in the evening regarding a development known since early afternoon.

The Port Authority emphasizes its support for commercial services being provided through competition, in accordance with Article 139 of the Consolidated Text of the Law on State Ports and the Merchant Navy. This support is contingent on the fulfillment of stipulated requirements outlined in the respective tender documents for the intended services.

Confidence in Law Enforcement Agencies

“It is our obligation to facilitate and promote, in compliance with the law and tender documents, any private initiative that generates traffic and services for the port of Ceuta. These activities contribute to the economic benefit of the city,” clarified the statement.

Thus, the potential establishment of Gabarras y Servicios in the port of Ceuta “can only bring positive outcomes in line with the strategy set by the Port Authority to increase port traffic and expand the range of complementary ship services, ensuring quality and safety standards beyond the established minimums,” it added.

The Port Authority has full confidence in the work undertaken by the State Security Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, expressing belief that the incidents will be clarified at the earliest opportunity.

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