South Africa Chooses Vopak Consortium for LNG Terminal Development at Richards Bay Port

Vopak Terminal Durban & Transnet Pipelines (TPL) Consortium Venture to Spearhead 25-Year Operation in South Dunes Precinct


South Africa has designated the Vopak consortium as the preferred bidder for the establishment and operation of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at the Port of Richards Bay, as announced by the state-owned Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) on Wednesday.

The selected consortium, known as the Vopak Terminal Durban & Transnet Pipelines (TPL) Consortium Venture, will undertake the comprehensive responsibilities of designing, developing, constructing, financing, operating, and maintaining the LNG terminal situated in the South Dunes Precinct for a contractual period of 25 years.

In adherence to the delineated roles, TNPA is set to invest in the essential common user port infrastructure, while the designated terminal operator assumes the responsibility for providing and maintaining the specific terminal infrastructure.

The involved parties are presently engrossed in negotiations to finalize the terminal operator agreement, laying the groundwork for the anticipated commencement of commercial operations in 2027. This strategic initiative underscores South Africa’s commitment to bolstering its maritime capabilities, embracing LNG as a pivotal component in its energy portfolio. The meticulous selection process, culminating in the preference for the Vopak consortium, reflects the alignment of expertise and capability essential for the successful realization of this critical maritime infrastructure project.

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