Denmark Launches Green Fuels Alliance in India for Sustainable Maritime Energy Collaboration

Danish Embassy-led initiative sees nine organizations commit to advancing Green Hydrogen and propelling India’s energy transition.


Denmark has inaugurated a groundbreaking initiative in India, unveiling the Green Fuels Alliance to catalyze collaboration on sustainable energy ventures between the two nations. Spearheaded by the Danish Embassy and the Consulate General of Denmark in India, this alliance has already garnered support from nine prominent Danish organizations, each committing to the common goal of advancing green fuels, notably Green Hydrogen.

Freddy Svane, the Danish Ambassador to India, underscored the pivotal role of Danish companies in steering the global green transition. He expressed his satisfaction with the concerted efforts made through the Green Strategic Partnership, aiming to inspire India in its pursuit of environmentally conscious development. Svane commented, “The Green Fuels Alliance India is propelling initiatives within the energy transition. May our collaborative contributions stand as both significant and inspirational.”

In alignment with the alliance’s objectives, drawn from successful precedents such as the India-Denmark Energy Partnership, it will establish a steering committee comprised of Danish enterprises and an advisory board featuring industry experts. Among the founding members of this alliance are Hydrogen Denmark, Umwelt Energy, and the Danish maritime juggernaut, Maersk. Maersk emphasized that India boasts exceptional conditions for renewable energy production, emphasizing the nation’s potential to elevate the accessibility of green fuels.

The Green Fuels Alliance India signals a strategic commitment to fostering sustainable maritime energy solutions, leveraging the expertise of Danish entities to fortify India’s position in the global transition towards eco-friendly development.

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