Royal Navy Minesweepers Collide in Bahrain Port During Anti-Houthi Operations

No Injuries Reported as Investigation Ensues in Efforts to Safeguard Maritime Security


In a recent incident at the port of Bahrain, two Royal Navy minesweepers were involved in a collision, as reported by the Royal Navy. The vessels in question, HMS Chiddingfold and HMS Bangor, both dedicated minesweepers, were part of the Royal Navy’s joint efforts with the U.S. Navy in the Gulf region to safeguard maritime transport in the Red Sea from heightened attacks by Houthi forces based in Yemen.

The collision occurred on Friday, resulting in no injuries, according to the Royal Navy’s statement. Despite the absence of casualties, an investigation has been initiated to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. A video circulating on social media captured the moment when HMS Chiddingfold, while in reverse, collided with the moored HMS Bangor, producing a significant impact and causing Bangor to sway.

Contrary to the nature of the collision, Rear Admiral Edward Ahlgren, Commander of Royal Navy Operations, assured the public that a comprehensive investigation is underway. He confirmed that although no injuries were reported, some damage did occur. Ahlgren emphasized the commitment to swiftly implement any procedural changes aimed at preventing future incidents.

The Royal Navy’s mission to ensure the safety of merchant shipping in the region remains pivotal, particularly in light of disruptions caused by Houthi attacks, which they claim are in solidarity with the Palestinian group Hamas. The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza has raised concerns about global trade disruptions and potential supply chain bottlenecks. As the investigation progresses, the United Kingdom reaffirms its key role in maintaining the security of maritime transportation in the region.

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