HMM Unveils ‘HMM Garnet’: A Technologically Advanced 13,000 TEU Container Vessel

Hyundai Merchant Marine Celebrates Milestone with Smart Ship Solution and Environmental Focus in the Maritime Sector

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SEOUL – Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) marked a significant milestone with the official christening ceremony of its 13,000 TEU container vessel, the ‘HMM Garnet.’ The event took place at the HD Hyundai Heavy Industries headquarters in Ulsan, South Korea.

The ‘HMM Garnet’ is the inaugural vessel among the 12 container carriers of this capacity that the shipping company will acquire. The formal construction contract was inked in June 2021 with Hanwha Ocean and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, with each entity tasked to build six units.

With an eye on enhancing environmental capabilities, these vessels are designed to be compatible with Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Advanced energy-saving technologies have also been incorporated to bolster fuel efficiency and diminish pollutant emissions.

A notable feature of these vessels is the implementation of a “smart ship” solution. This system ensures that all operational data is transmitted in real-time to HMM’s fleet control center, providing comprehensive visibility over the fleet.

From February onwards, the ‘HMM Garnet’ will be deployed on the East Coast 1 (EC1) route as part of THE Alliance’s product plan. The port rotation for this route includes Kaohsiung, Xiamen, Yantian, Shanghai, Ningbo, Busan, Yantian, New York, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, and Singapore.

Upon the delivery of the twelve 13,000 TEU vessels this year, HMM anticipates its fleet’s total capacity to reach one million TEUs. Notably, containerships exceeding 10,000 TEUs will constitute 80% of the company’s overall fleet.

It is worth highlighting that these twelve vessels will be named after birthstones from January to December, symbolizing the shipping company’s commitment to making “customer cargo as valuable as jewelry.”

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