Tragic Maritime Collision Claims Lives of Captain and Third Mate in Philippine Waters

Investigation Underway as High-Speed Ferry Collides with Slower Vessel, Prompting Safety Review


In a tragic maritime incident, the Philippine Coast Guard has confirmed the demise of the captain and third mate aboard a small passenger ferry following a collision with a high-speed excursion boat on January 31 at midday. The unfortunate collision took place as the smaller vessel was inbound to Batangas, a city situated in the western region of the Philippines south of Manila, while the larger outbound passenger vessel was en route to its destination.

The vessel involved in the collision, Ocean Jet 6, a high-speed ferry, was carrying 105 passengers and 19 crew members, embarking from Batangas towards Calapan on the neighboring Mindoro Island. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries among the passengers and crew on Ocean Jet 6, allowing it to continue its journey to Calapan. Authorities are actively engaged in investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, providing preliminary information that the smaller, slower ferry sustained significant damage with its front section visibly torn open. Despite the extensive damage, the vessel remained afloat and is currently under tow to Puerto Galera.

Visual evidence of the incident suggests adverse weather conditions, possibly characterized by mist or fog, along with a low chop on the seas. At the time of the collision, the passenger manifest of the Hop & Go 1 ferry, which was also traversing the strait towards Puerto Galera on Mindoro, included five foreign passengers. Among them, two Chinese nationals sustained injuries and were promptly receiving medical attention, while two other passengers emerged unscathed. Notably, a Swedish passenger, who was on the journey homeward, was reported safe.

The vessel, Hop & Go 1, had a crew of four members, tragically losing the captain and third mate in the collision. The two remaining Filipino crew members were transported to the Coast Guard station, where they are providing sworn statements. Authorities confirm their cooperation with the ongoing investigation into the root cause of the collision, as the maritime community mourns the loss and endeavors to enhance safety measures for future voyages.


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