Unifeeder Expands Fleet with Methanol-Powered Vessels

Strategic Charter Agreements with Elbdeich Reederei and MPC Container Ships Facilitate Emissions Reduction Efforts


Unifeeder Enters Long-Term Charter Agreement for Two Additional Methanol-Powered Container Feeder Vessels

Unifeeder, a prominent player in the maritime sector, has recently solidified its commitment to sustainable shipping practices by entering into a significant long-term charter agreement for two additional dual-fuel methanol newbuild container feeder vessels. This strategic move underscores Unifeeder’s proactive stance towards emissions reduction and the integration of alternative fuels into its operational framework.

In collaboration with esteemed partners, German-based shipowning group Elbdeich Reederei and Norwegian shipowner MPC Container Ships (MPCC), Unifeeder has forged this latest agreement, with each partner assuming responsibility for one vessel. The vessels, boasting a capacity of 1,250 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), are slated for delivery in 2026 and are earmarked for deployment within Unifeeder’s extensive European network.

MPCC has revealed that the vessel under its purview will operate under a seven-year time-charter agreement with Unifeeder post-delivery, thereby effectively mitigating residual value risks. Meanwhile, Elbdeich Reederei has chosen not to disclose the duration of the charter for its vessel.

The addition of these cutting-edge vessels represents a significant stride in Unifeeder’s ongoing quest to curtail emissions throughout its operational spectrum. By incorporating biofuels into its conventional vessels and embracing the efficiency of dual-fuel methanol propulsion, Unifeeder aims to enhance both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Moreover, this investment aligns seamlessly with Unifeeder’s overarching decarbonization strategy, wherein the company has pledged to achieve a 25% reduction in emissions by 2030, ultimately striving for carbon neutrality by 2050 with a complete cessation of new fossil greenhouse gas emissions.

This latest development builds upon Unifeeder’s earlier agreement, announced in October 2023, which saw the initiation of charter arrangements for two methanol-powered vessels. In this preceding agreement, Unifeeder collaborated with Elbdeich Reederei to charter up to four methanol-powered container ships, with the latter committing to the construction and management of a pair of 1,250-TEU feeder vessels. Furthermore, the contractual framework includes options for the potential addition of two more vessels of similar specifications, underscoring Unifeeder’s sustained commitment to innovative and sustainable maritime practices.

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