Milestone Achievement: First Methanol-Powered CSV Sets Sail

Eidesvik Offshore and Agalas Lead Maritime Industry with Groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Vessel


Eidesvik Offshore, a prominent Norwegian shipowner, in collaboration with shipowner Agalas, is forging ahead in the maritime sector’s pursuit of environmentally sustainable propulsion systems. Their latest endeavor involves the procurement of the inaugural Construction Support Vessel (CSV) to be outfitted with a methanol engine and battery hybrid system. This initiative marks a significant stride towards enhancing eco-friendliness within the operational domains of such vessels.

The strategic partnership between Eidesvik Offshore and Agalas has led to the establishment of a new entity named Eidesvik Agalas. Under this joint venture, an order has been placed for the construction of the CSV at Sefine Shypard in Turkey, with anticipated delivery slated for early 2026. The vessel’s operational focus will encompass activities within the subsea and offshore wind sectors. Eidesvik Offshore, assuming a 50.1 percent ownership stake in the venture, will oversee the vessel’s management and crewing responsibilities, further augmented by the procurement options for up to four additional vessels.

Market analysts project an imminent surge in demand for vessels catering to the subsea segment, potentially outstripping supply. This trend dovetails with the anticipated growth trajectory of offshore wind operations throughout the current decade. Eidesvik Offshore underscores its legacy of pioneering emission-reducing technologies, exemplified by its early adoption of LNG and battery propulsion systems in offshore vessels. With the forthcoming addition to its fleet, the company reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of maritime innovation.

The vessel’s design, a collaborative effort between NSK Ship Design and Agalas, epitomizes adaptability and technological advancement. Spanning approximately 328 feet (99.9 meters) in length and accommodating up to 100 personnel, the vessel will boast a 150-metric tonne heave-compensated crane and approximately 900 square meters of deck space. Its propulsion system will integrate a battery hybrid mechanism alongside dual fuel gensets capable of utilizing methanol or MGO, underscoring its versatility and efficiency.

With an estimated construction cost of around $88 million, the CSV will be primed for inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) operations upon delivery. A subsequent three to five-year time charter agreement with Reach Subsea is set to commence its operational phase, facilitating IMR activities. By embracing emerging technologies, Eidesvik Agalas aims not only to gain a competitive edge but also to set a new benchmark for environmental stewardship within the maritime segment, thereby catalyzing broader decarbonization efforts in these vital market sectors.

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