Maritime Tragedy Strikes: Worker Missing After Port Collision

Collision between Vessels in Rotterdam Port Spurs Search and Recovery Efforts


In a tragic incident at the Port of Rotterdam on Tuesday, a collision occurred between a working vessel and the imposing semisubmersible crane ship Saipem 7000 during routine maintenance operations, as reported by local maritime authorities. The collision resulted in the unfortunate event of one worker falling into the water, whose whereabouts remain unknown, and is regrettably presumed deceased by local officials.

The Saipem 7000, a colossal vessel renowned for its capabilities in offshore operations, was stationed at the port for maintenance purposes, with scaffolding erected aboard. Situated within the confines of a well-populated repair yard in the Botlek, an intricately developed inner harbor district, the crane ship occupied a confined space adjacent to a jackup drilling rig.

The incident transpired during the early afternoon hours of Tuesday while maintenance procedures were being conducted, leading to the vessel’s unintended contact with the Saipem 7000, subsequently causing a worker to plunge into the water. Local emergency response units swiftly mobilized multiple diving teams along with sonar and remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) in a concerted effort to execute a rescue operation. However, after an hour-long endeavor, the operation transitioned into a search and recovery mission, with no success in locating the missing individual.

AIS data furnished by Pole Star indicates that the Saipem 7000 underwent several brief maneuvers within the basin between the hours of 1100 and 1500 local time, subsequently returning to its original mooring position. The precise cause of the accident remains undetermined at present, though local authorities have affirmed that a comprehensive multiagency investigation will promptly commence to ascertain the underlying factors.

The Saipem 7000 stands as one of the largest crane vessels globally, distinguished for its proficiency in executing complete offshore installations encompassing topside placements and pipelay activities. Equipped with twin cranes capable of hoisting loads of up to 14,000 tonnes each, the vessel is fortified with DP3 technology, enabling dynamic positioning and anchorless stationkeeping capabilities, underscoring its significance in maritime operations.


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