Chinese Tanker Attacked in Yemeni Missile Strike

Contradicting Reports of Safe Passage, Maritime Tensions Escalate in Red Sea Region


In a recent turn of events contradicting prior speculations, a Chinese tanker fell victim to a missile attack launched from Yemen on Saturday, dismissing earlier reports suggesting the provision of safe passage through the Red Sea to Chinese and Russian vessels by the Houthis.

The targeted vessel, Huang Pu, constructed in 2009 as an aframax tanker, encountered a barrage of five missiles. Despite sustaining minimal damage, the Chinese-operated ship, laden with Russian crude destined for India, promptly tackled the onboard fire, successfully extinguishing it within a span of 30 minutes. Fortunately, no casualties were recorded among the crew. Following the incident, the vessel resumed its course towards India.

Previously, Bloomberg had relayed information asserting that the Houthis would abstain from targeting Chinese and Russian maritime interests. The report, citing undisclosed sources, indicated the culmination of negotiations between Chinese and Russian diplomats alongside a prominent Houthi representative, Mohammed Abdel Salam, in Oman, presumably leading to an accord.

However, the Houthis have persistently launched a series of assaults primarily targeting vessels linked to Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom, ostensibly aligning themselves with Hamas amid the protracted conflict with Israel. Regrettably, the accuracy of their target selection has been marred by discrepancies in shipping databases, resulting in attacks on vessels devoid of affiliations with the aforementioned countries.

To date, approximately 70 merchant ships have fallen victim to these targeted assaults, precipitating a substantial diversion of the global merchant fleet, necessitating circumnavigation of the African continent to facilitate trade routes between Asia and Europe. This strategic rerouting underscores the far-reaching implications of maritime security concerns in the region, compelling stakeholders to navigate a landscape fraught with geopolitical tensions and operational risks.

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