Evergreen Unveils World’s First Neopanamax with Onboard CCS System

ClassNK Grants Certification, Paving the Way for Green Maritime Innovation


Evergreen Unveils World’s First Neopanamax Equipped with Onboard CO2 Capture and Storage System

ClassNK Grants First-of-its-kind Certification ClassNK has awarded its “SCCS-Full” classification to the “Ever Top,” a Neopanamax container ship owned by Evergreen. This signifies that the vessel is now equipped with a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system onboard, making it the world’s first Neopanamax vessel equipped with such systems.The CCS systems, designed and developed by the Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute, were installed at the Huarun Dadong Dockyard (HRDD). ClassNK reviewed the system components and installation plan in line with its comprehensive “Regulations for Carbon Capture and Storage Systems Onboard Ships.”Risk assessment was also documented through Hazard Identification (HAZID) and the onsite installation process. Upon confirmation of compliance with relevant requirements, the innovative “SCCS-Full” designation was affixed to the vessel.Masaki Matsunaga, Corporate Officer/Director of Approval of Plans and Technical Solutions Division, ClassNK, stated, “As pioneers in this crucial endeavor, ClassNK deeply respects the ambitious and practical application of CCS systems undertaken by Evergreen and the involved parties to advance greenhouse gas emission reduction technology. It is a great honor for us to be part of this outstanding collaboration, and we are committed to supporting proactive initiatives towards decarbonization by providing appropriate standards, studies, and certifications.”This milestone represents a significant step forward in the maritime industry’s efforts to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The successful implementation of CCS technology onboard the “Ever Top” sets a precedent for future vessels, showcasing the industry’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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