Canada Awards Contract for New Icebreakers

Government Takes Step Forward in National Shipbuilding Strategy with C$19.6m Deal for Cutting-edge Vessels


In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its maritime capabilities, the Government of Canada has awarded a significant contract under its National Shipbuilding Strategy. Valued at C$19.6 million ($14.4 million), the contract has been granted to Chantier Davie Canada, a renowned shipbuilding company, for the design of new Program Icebreakers.

Announced by the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Jean-Yves Duclos, this contract signifies a pivotal step towards modernizing the Canadian Coast Guard’s (CCG) fleet. The six newly commissioned icebreakers are slated to replace existing vessels deployed across vital regions such as Atlantic Canada, the St. Lawrence Waterways, the Great Lakes, and Pacific Canada.

Duclos emphasized the strategic importance of this initiative, highlighting that the forthcoming icebreakers will epitomize technological advancement, sustainability, and resilience. He remarked, “They will be among the most advanced, sustainable, and durable vessels tailored to the world’s harshest environments. The new fleet will be symbolic of Canada’s Arctic presence and crucial to keeping our country open for business year-round.”

Upon completion, these state-of-the-art icebreakers will serve a myriad of critical functions, including escorting ships through ice-laden waters in the Atlantic Ocean, facilitating the clearance of ice from harbors and wharfs, and providing essential icebreaking support to ensure safe navigation through Canadian waters encompassing the Arctic region.

This strategic investment underscores Canada’s commitment to enhancing its maritime infrastructure and safeguarding its interests in the Arctic. With the procurement of these cutting-edge icebreakers, Canada aims to reinforce its position as a key player in the realm of polar navigation and maritime operations, thereby fostering economic growth and ensuring national security in these challenging environments.

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