Maersk Batur En Route to Repair Yard After Engine Failure

Container ship safely towed to Cernaval shipyard following mechanical issue near Tarifa


The container ship Maersk Batur is currently en route to the Cernaval shipyard in Campamento, San Roque, following an engine malfunction experienced yesterday at approximately 16:30 hours while navigating approximately three nautical miles off the coast of Tarifa. The vessel became adrift until the Maritime Rescue vessel “SAR Mastelero” was able to position itself alongside for assistance.

Departing from the port of Algeciras bound for Newark, USA, the captain notified Maritime Rescue of the vessel’s drift due to mechanical issues, necessitating external assistance. This morning, four tugboats contracted by the Danish shipping company are tasked with towing the vessel to the Crinavis dockyard for repairs.

According to sources from Maritime Rescue, there was no imminent danger posed either to the vessel’s crew or other vessels navigating the area, owing to the swift response of the involved assets.

Constructed in 2009, the Maersk Batur operates under the flag of Singapore, boasting dimensions of 223.3 meters in length and 32.2 meters in beam.

The incident underscores the importance of prompt response and coordination in maritime emergencies, ensuring the safety of personnel and maritime assets within the Algeciras Bay and the Campo de Gibraltar region.

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