River Cruise Ship Collides with Lock Wall in Austria

Bulgarian-flagged Vessel’s Electronic Failure Leads to Minor Injuries for Passengers


In an incident on Friday, a Bulgarian-flagged river cruise vessel collided with a lock wall at the hydroelectric power plant situated in Aschach, Austria, resulting in injuries to 17 individuals. The vessel, engaged in a Danube cruise bound for Linz, Austria, was carrying 142 passengers at the time of the occurrence. As it traversed the locks at Aschach, a malfunction in the vessel’s electronic system was reported, rendering it incapable of maneuvering, subsequently causing contact between its starboard bow and port quarter with the lock walls.

Prompt action was taken by the officer on watch who promptly restored control by activating the emergency switch, thereby initiating the reboot of the electronic systems, as stated by the federal police in an official statement. Following the incident, the vessel was secured alongside the quay wall while a distress call was made, summoning multiple first response agencies, including the police, fire departments, and Austria’s water police.

Among the passengers and crew, 11 individuals sustained minor injuries and were promptly transported for medical attention, while six others with minor injuries opted not to receive assistance. Fortunately, despite superficial scraping to both the vessel and the lock wall, no significant structural damage was reported. Subsequent inspection by Austrian maritime authorities concluded that the vessel’s electronics were restored to functionality following the reset of the emergency switch, thus permitting the vessel to resume its voyage to Linz without further delay.


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