ONE Postpones EC4 Service Restart Amid Red Sea Instability

Escalating Attacks Prompt Shipping Giant to Delay Operations Until Regional Situation Stabilizes

Port NOLA _ ONE Modern

ONE, a major player in the maritime industry, announced the postponement of the recommencement of its EC4 service, originally slated to resume operations on Week 16 starting April 15th this year. This decision comes in light of persisting market conditions, particularly the ongoing instability in the Red Sea region.

The suspension of the EC4 service since late October was initially expected to be temporary, pending a restart following the aforementioned date. However, ONE has opted to delay the resumption of this service until there is a notable stabilization in the situation within the Red Sea area.

The decision to postpone the EC4 service’s commencement is primarily influenced by the escalating attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea. These incidents have surged since the hijacking of the car carrier Galaxy Leader in mid-November of the preceding year. Consequently, the majority of container services that typically traverse the Red Sea and the Suez Canal have been rerouted via the longer Cape of Good Hope route. This diversion significantly extends transit times and incurs heightened fuel costs for shipping companies.

In response to these challenges, ONE is adjusting its operational strategies. Notably, it will maintain a Xiamen call within its EC1 service, incorporate a Yantian call into EC2, and introduce additional calls in Charleston and New York for the EC5 service. Meanwhile, the EC4 service will remain suspended until further notice, as the company closely monitors developments in the region.

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