Denmark Halts Maritime Traffic After Frigate Technical Mishap

Closure of Great Belt Channel Temporarily Ordered Amid Frigate Missile System Incident


Danish Armed Forces have announced the temporary closure of the Great Belt Channel, one of the country’s primary maritime routes, on Thursday, due to a technical incident aboard a frigate that triggered the missile launching system without any projectile being expelled, which now cannot be deactivated.

The frigate in question, the ‘Niels Juel’, is currently docked at the port of Korsor. A team of specialists has been dispatched to the vessel to address the issue, as highlighted by the Danish Armed Forces in a statement.

“Until the propulsor is deactivated, there is a risk of the missile being launched and flying several kilometers away,” military authorities added, detailing that there is no danger of the projectile exploding due to the characteristics of the affected propulsor.

The incident affects an area within five to seven kilometers from the port of Korsor and up to a height of one thousand meters. Therefore, Danish authorities have also closed the airspace in this specific zone.

This incident occurs on the same day that the Danish government has ordered the cessation of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Flemming Lentfer, citing a loss of confidence, as a reprisal for failing to notify the Ministry of Defense of an issue with the functioning of the frigate deployed for the military mission in the Red Sea.

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