Kotug International and Padmos Forge Partnership for Electric Pusher Boats

Innovative E-Pusher Series Set to Transform Maritime Industry with Sustainable Solutions


Kotug International, a leading offshore towage specialist, has recently inked a significant framework agreement with Padmos for the fabrication of its entire fleet of fully electric pusher boats. These innovative vessels, referred to as E-Pushers, are poised to revolutionize the maritime landscape with their advanced features and eco-friendly operations.

The E-Pusher series encompasses three distinct models – the S, M, and L, varying in size to cater to diverse operational requirements. Ranging from 9 to 22 meters in length and boasting a maximum draft of 0.85 to 1.35 meters, these vessels offer enhanced maneuverability and efficiency compared to conventional pusher tug designs. Notably, their reduced draft, approximately 30% less than traditional counterparts, ensures greater accessibility in shallow waters.

One of the hallmark features of these electric pusher tugs is the incorporation of swappable energy containers, accommodating various power sources such as stage V diesel, (bio)gas, hydrogen, and battery solutions. This versatile configuration not only enhances operational flexibility but also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability by minimizing harmful emissions including CO2, SOx, NOx, and particulate matter.

The framework agreement follows the successful deployment of the groundbreaking E-Pusher M model, aptly named E-Pusher 1, which was also constructed by Padmos. Since its commissioning in June 2023, E-Pusher 1 has been actively engaged in operations for Cargill in the North Holland region, facilitating the transportation of cocoa beans from Amsterdam to Zaandam. Notably, the utilization of this fully electric pusher boat, in conjunction with barges, has resulted in a substantial reduction of approximately 190,000 kg of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to eliminating 15,000 single truck trips covering the same distance.

Leon Padmos, CEO of Padmos, expressed pride in advancing the collaboration with Kotug in pioneering the construction of the E-Pusher lineup. He emphasized the transformative impact these vessels are poised to have on the maritime industry, underscoring the shared commitment towards innovation and sustainability.

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