Maersk Achieves Significant Milestone in Green Fuel Adoption

Surge in Eco-Friendly Shipping Fuels Marks Progress Towards Climate Neutrality


Maersk Line, a leading global shipping company, has recently disclosed significant advancements in its sustainability endeavors, showcasing a notable surge in the adoption of eco-friendly fuels among cargo shippers. In the fiscal year of 2023, approximately 212 cargo shippers opted for Maersk’s Eco Delivery Ocean service, facilitating the transportation of over 660,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units). This marked a remarkable increase of 37.5% compared to the preceding year’s throughput of 480,000 TEUs.

Maersk delineates “green fuels” as those capable of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 65% to 95% in contrast to conventional fuels. Among the repertoire of eco-friendly options, shippers embraced fuels such as biodiesel and green methanol, contributing to substantial reductions in carbon footprints.

Johan Sigsgaard, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Maersk, reiterated the company’s ambitious commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2024. He emphasized that the transportation of 660,000 standard containers utilizing green fuels in 2023 constitutes a noteworthy milestone, representing 3% of Maersk’s global maritime transport volume.

Emma Mazhari, Head of Energy Markets at Maersk, provided insights into the company’s strategic investments, including the development of methanol-powered vessels. Notably, Maersk’s fleet expansion includes the incorporation of eight 16,000-TEU capacity vessels propelled by methanol, with the inaugural vessel, Ane Maersk, already operational since 2024.

Furthermore, Maersk has initiated the deployment of electric trucks in collaboration with partners across Germany, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, China, and pilot initiatives in Brazil. Complementing these efforts are the establishment of warehouses with low to ultra-low emissions profiles in various countries. Additionally, Maersk has commenced trials of the ECO Delivery Air service for air freight transportation, further demonstrating its multifaceted approach towards sustainable logistics solutions.

These endeavors underscore Maersk’s steadfast commitment to pioneering environmentally responsible practices within the maritime industry, aligning with global sustainability imperatives while fostering innovation and collaboration across the supply chain ecosystem. As the company forges ahead on its journey towards carbon neutrality, such initiatives not only mitigate environmental impacts but also position Maersk as a catalyst for transformative change within the maritime sector.

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