Ferguson Marine Launches MV Glen Rosa Amid Project Scrutiny

Significant Milestone Reached Despite Delays and Internal Restructuring


Scottish shipbuilder Ferguson Marine, amidst prolonged scrutiny over its management of the CalMac ferry project, has witnessed a turning point with the launch of the long-awaited MV Glen Rosa on the River Clyde. This launch marks a significant development in the protracted saga surrounding the construction of both the Glen Rosa and her counterpart, the Glen Sannox, commissioned by Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CalMac) to service the Arran route. The delay in delivery, spanning approximately six years, coupled with a cost escalation of nearly threefold from the initial estimate of £97 million ($123 million), has drawn persistent criticism.

The recent christening and launch of the MV Glen Rosa, accompanied by a departure from tradition with a ceremonial christening utilizing blended scotch instead of champagne, was hailed as a “landmark moment” by Ferguson Marine’s interim CEO, John Petticrew. Petticrew emphasized the significance of this event, underscoring the concerted efforts of the shipyard personnel in expediting the completion of both ferries. The departure from tradition may be perceived as a gesture emblematic of Ferguson Marine’s divergence from convention in their endeavor to rectify the project’s lingering setbacks.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere surrounding the launch, Ferguson Marine has grappled with internal restructuring, culminating in the removal of CEO David Tydeman, a decision met with skepticism from both opposition figures and the yard’s workforce. Union co-leader John McMunagle’s endorsement of Tydeman’s leadership underscores the complexities underlying Ferguson Marine’s management dynamics and the divergent perspectives within the organization.

Formerly known as Hull 802, the MV Glen Rosa represents a technological leap, being a 102-meter dual-fuel vessel equipped to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and marine gas oil (MGO). With a capacity to accommodate up to 852 passengers and a combination of 127 cars or 16 trucks upon completion, the vessel promises enhanced operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The selection of the vessel’s name, Glen Rosa, through a public poll underscores a democratic engagement with the community and stakeholders, enhancing public affinity towards the ferry. Furthermore, the vessel’s positioning to fill the void left by the Glen Sannox for its internal fit-out symbolizes progress towards the eventual deployment of both ferries in active service.

As the 363rd vessel launched under the Ferguson Marine banner, the MV Glen Rosa embodies a milestone for the shipyard, marked not only by its symbolic significance but also by its tangible impact, evidenced by its record weight at launch. However, amidst this achievement, Ferguson Marine confronts a transitional phase, with its order book dwindling to hull sections for subcontracted projects, signifying a shift in its operational focus.

In conclusion, the launch of the MV Glen Rosa heralds a pivotal moment for Ferguson Marine, encapsulating both triumphs and challenges inherent in the maritime industry, while signaling a new chapter in the saga of the CalMac ferry project.


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