Electric Tugboats Debut in Port of Vancouver

Landmark Milestone Achieved in Maritime Sustainability Efforts


The Port of Vancouver has inaugurated the operational deployment of two electric tugboats, marking a pivotal juncture in the evolution of Canada’s foremost maritime nexus. These state-of-the-art vessels, propelled solely by electricity, were unveiled amidst a ceremonial affair at the port, graced by the presence of indigenous community representatives, governmental dignitaries, and key industry stakeholders.

David Eby, the Premier of British Columbia, articulated the global rarity of electric tugboats in active service, accentuating the substantial environmental dividends attributed to their integration. Eby underscored that the incorporation of electric tugboats into Vancouver’s maritime milieu would yield pollution reductions tantamount to removing 600 vehicles from the thoroughfares.

SAAM, in alliance with mining titan Teck Resources, orchestrated the acquisition of these tugboats under a contractual arrangement, earmarking their utilization for towage operations at the Neptune coal/potash terminal nestled within the precincts of the Port of Vancouver. This terminal, jointly owned by Teck, Canpotex, and pending regulatory nod, Glencore, catalyzed the materialization of this groundbreaking initiative.

Macario Valdes, the CEO of SAAM, reaffirmed the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering sustainability across maritime operations through bespoke solutions tailored to individual customer requisites and port exigencies. The construction of these electric tugboats was entrusted to the adept craftsmen at Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey, leveraging a design ethos conceived by esteemed Canadian collaborators, Robert Allan Ltd. Boasting an impressive length of 23 meters and a formidable bollard pull capacity of 70 tons, these vessels epitomize the convergence of innovation and efficacy within contemporary maritime endeavors. Their induction into service heralds a new era of eco-consciousness and operational efficiency within the Port of Vancouver’s bustling maritime ecosystem.

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