Greek Shipyards Set for Resurgence at Posidonia 2024

Revitalized Industry Poised to Showcase Greece’s Maritime Renaissance


Greek shipyards are poised to make a resounding resurgence, marking a significant milestone in the maritime industry as the latest edition of the prestigious Posidonia approaches. Scheduled from June 3 to 7 in Athens, Posidonia stands as a testament to the maritime prowess of Greece, with its revitalized shipyards poised to take center stage. This renaissance follows a series of strategic maneuvers, including the consolidation of the nation’s shipbuilding entities in Syros and Elefsina, along with the reactivation of the Skaramangas shipyard and heightened operations in Halkida.

Under the stewardship of New York-based ONEX Shipyards and Technologies since 2019, Neorion Shipyard in Syros and Elefsis Shipyard have meticulously restored over 500 vessels, both domestic and international. Theo Vokos, the managing director of Posidonia Exhibitions, heralded this resurgence, emphasizing Greece’s reemergence as a formidable shipbuilding cluster capable of vessel repair, conversion, and prospective newbuild construction for both domestic and global clientele. He underscored the transformative shift following years of stagnation and lackluster investment, accentuating the newfound strategic direction guiding the nation’s maritime ambitions.

The resurgence of Greek shipyards bears testament to their economic significance, with shipyard output now estimated to contribute approximately 1% to the nation’s GDP. Panos Xenokostas, president and CEO of ONEX, emphasized the multifaceted benefits of a robust shipbuilding sector, citing its pivotal role in national defense enhancement, economic fortification, green transition facilitation, and the bolstering of Greece’s geopolitical standing. He highlighted the pivotal role of major international projects in solidifying Greece’s position within the regional arena.

The upcoming Posidonia has already garnered significant international participation, with over 85 shipyards from 26 countries confirming their attendance. Sponsored by Splash, the event promises unparalleled coverage facilitated by a network of correspondents deployed to provide comprehensive insights into the week-long biennial extravaganza. As the maritime community converges in Athens, the spotlight shines brightly on the resurgence of Greek shipyards, symbolizing a renaissance in the nation’s maritime heritage and its enduring commitment to excellence in shipbuilding and maritime services.


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