Danish Shipping Urges Adherence to IMO Noise Guidelines

Industry Advocates Mitigation Measures for Marine Biodiversity Preservatio


In acknowledgment of the detrimental impact of commercial shipping on marine ecosystems, Danish Shipping advocates for the adoption of new International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines designed to mitigate underwater radiated noise. This advocacy underscores the imperative to preserve marine biodiversity by curbing the adverse effects of maritime activities on aquatic life.

Underwater radiated noise emanating from commercial vessels poses a significant threat to marine fauna, including whales and fish. As articulated by Nina Porst, Director of Climate, Environment, and Security at Danish Shipping, the propagation of noise in aquatic environments disrupts crucial functions such as communication, navigation, and feeding behaviors of maritime species. Recognizing this pressing concern, Danish Shipping asserts a collective obligation within the maritime industry to undertake measures aimed at mitigating and ultimately reducing underwater radiated noise.

The recently adopted IMO guidelines serve as a comprehensive framework delineating strategies applicable to stakeholders across the maritime spectrum, encompassing designers, shipbuilders, and ship operators. These guidelines offer a systematic approach toward attenuating the underwater radiated noise emitted by vessels of various classifications.

In alignment with the IMO directives, Danish Shipping advocates for the voluntary adherence of its members to the prescribed guidelines. Central to this advocacy is the recommendation for the establishment of an Underwater Noise Management Plan, which facilitates the determination of baseline noise levels for individual vessels. By delineating a structured approach to noise management, this plan enables stakeholders to identify and implement targeted interventions aimed at reducing underwater radiated noise emissions.

Nina Porst emphasizes the paramount importance of proactive measures in safeguarding marine environments traversed by commercial vessels. The proactive adoption of mitigation measures not only aligns with environmental stewardship principles but also underscores a commitment to sustainable maritime practices. Danish Shipping regards the promotion of awareness regarding the significance of protecting marine biodiversity as pivotal in fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the maritime industry.

In conclusion, Danish Shipping advocates for the conscientious adoption of IMO guidelines aimed at mitigating underwater radiated noise, recognizing the imperative to preserve marine biodiversity. Through collaborative efforts and adherence to structured mitigation strategies, the maritime community can contribute substantively to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and the promotion of sustainable maritime practices.

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