Denmark Launches Largest Offshore Wind Tender Yet

Milestone Tender Sets Stage for Tripling Denmark’s Offshore Wind Capacity and Green Power Exportation


Denmark, a pioneering force in renewable energy, has ceremoniously inaugurated its most expansive offshore wind tender to date, marking a pivotal stride towards fortifying its position as a vanguard in sustainable power generation. The tender, meticulously crafted over the course of a year, signifies a resolute commitment to fulfilling Denmark’s ambitious ecological objectives while catalyzing its trajectory towards becoming a stalwart exporter of clean energy resources. Anchored by a minimum requisition of 6 GW, this momentous initiative is poised to triple Denmark’s offshore wind energy output, offering prospective developers the latitude to optimize project footprints, potentially culminating in a colossal aggregate capacity of 10 GW or beyond.

Lauding this milestone, Lars Aagaard, Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities, heralded Denmark’s imminent ascension as “Europe’s green powerhouse,” underscoring the transformative impact poised to be unleashed upon operationalization of the envisioned wind infrastructure. Aagaard elucidated, “With the turbines in motion, Denmark stands primed to meet its entire electricity demand through renewable sources, while concurrently spearheading the production of hydrogen and green fuels for maritime and aviation applications. The onus now rests with market stakeholders to seize the opportunity presented by Denmark’s monumental foray into wind energy.”

The Danish Energy Agency, in consonance with the political mandate articulated in the spring of 2023, has delineated the contours of the tender framework, designating six strategic locales, including North Sea I, Kattegat, Kriegers Flak II, and Hesselø. A departure from conventional practice, developers are empowered to fine-tune project parameters within each lease, fostering a milieu conducive to innovation and efficiency optimization. While stipulating a baseline capacity threshold of 6 GW, the agency proffers the prospect of augmenting developmental endeavors across five sites, envisaging a cumulative output in excess of 10 GW.

Underscoring the seminal nature of this endeavor, Minister Aagaard alluded to Denmark’s pioneering legacy in offshore wind, dating back to the inception of the world’s inaugural offshore wind farm 33 years prior. Presently boasting a cumulative capacity of 2.7 GW, augmented by an anticipated gigawatt-scale augmentation slated for realization by 2027, Denmark stands poised to scale unprecedented heights in renewable energy leadership.

The envisaged green power surplus, as articulated by Minister Aagaard, transcends national boundaries, envisaging exportation to neighboring countries alongside bolstering domestic green hydrogen production. Eschewing traditional subsidy mechanisms, the tender framework mandates annual concession payments, underpinned by a 30-year lease tenure, with the Danish state assuming a co-ownership stake of 20 percent in offshore wind assets. With an estimated construction cost per gigawatt hovering around $2.3 billion, the tender beckons forth a consortia of industry titans poised to chart new frontiers in offshore wind deployment.

Aligned with Denmark’s audacious commitment to slashing emissions by 70 percent from 1990 benchmarks by the close of the decade, the tender mandates commissioning of new wind installations by 2030. Embodied by its unwavering resolve to transcend ecological imperatives, Denmark stands resolute in harnessing the boundless potential of offshore wind as a fulcrum for sustainable development and global energy transformation.

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