Avenir LNG Expands Fleet with Cutting-Edge LNG Bunker Vessels

London-based Maritime Firm Collaborates with CIMC SOE for Innovative Newbuilds


Avenir LNG, a prominent London-based entity in the maritime sector, has recently initiated a significant venture within China’s maritime engineering landscape. Partnering once again with Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (CIMC SOE), Avenir LNG has commenced the construction of two state-of-the-art LNG bunker vessels, each boasting a volumetric capacity of 20,000 cubic meters.

While the precise financial details of this contractual agreement have not been disclosed by Avenir LNG, the company has confirmed that the anticipated completion dates for these vessels are slated for the fourth quarter of 2026 and the first quarter of 2027, respectively.

Established in 2018, Avenir LNG has emerged as a formidable entity within the maritime domain, supported by esteemed sponsors such as Stolt-Nielsen, Golar LNG, and Höegh LNG. With a fleet comprising five vessels, the company has strategically positioned itself to address the burgeoning demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and its derivatives, particularly within the realm of bunkering operations.

CIMC Enric, renowned for its expertise in gas shipbuilding, has played a pivotal role in this collaborative endeavor, having previously constructed four LNG bunker ships for Avenir LNG. Notably, this includes the inception of the initial two 20,000 cubic meter units, originally commissioned by Stolt Nielsen Gas in 2018.

Avenir LNG has underscored the innovative features of these latest additions to its fleet, emphasizing the incorporation of cutting-edge technology aimed at optimizing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. These advancements encompass the integration of new type C tank designs, engineered to mitigate boil-off rates, alongside the utilization of state-of-the-art engine technologies and hull form optimization techniques. Furthermore, the vessels will be equipped with subcoolers, facilitating a reduction in carbon emissions and minimizing cargo losses compared to vessels of similar size and capacity.

Jonathan Quinn, the managing director of Avenir LNG, has articulated the strategic significance of these developments, particularly in light of the anticipated growth trajectory of LNG and BioLNG as preferred bunker fuels in the foreseeable future. By enhancing security of supply and spearheading initiatives aimed at decarbonizing global shipping markets, these vessels are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the maritime industry in the coming years.

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