Vessel Collision Sparks Search for Missing Crew on Xijian River

Incident Highlights Safety Concerns Amidst Extreme Weather Conditions and Infrastructure Challenges


Chinese maritime authorities have launched a comprehensive search and rescue operation following a maritime incident on the Xijian River, involving a vessel collision with the Jiujian Bridge. The vessel, transporting 4,900 tonnes of rolled steel, encountered adverse weather conditions compounded by extreme rainfall and flooding in the region. The incident, reminiscent of a similar tragedy in 2007, has reignited concerns over maritime safety protocols and infrastructure resilience.

The vessel, carrying a crew of eleven, collided with a pillar of the Jiujian Bridge at approximately 9:20 p.m. local time. Subsequently, the cargo hold was breached, leading to flooding. Despite initial efforts to stabilize the vessel, it succumbed to the inundation and sank into the Xijian River by 11:40 p.m. Seven crewmembers were successfully rescued, leaving four individuals unaccounted for. The swift currents and swollen river exacerbated the perilous conditions, causing the crew to fall into the water.

The Jiujian Bridge, a prominent landmark spanning 1,682 meters and boasting the distinction of being the first large prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge in the Asia-Pacific region, suffered abrasions along its pillars due to the collision. Consequently, Chinese authorities promptly implemented traffic control measures on the river and initiated comprehensive safety inspections on the bridge structure.

Preliminary assessments indicate that the accident was primarily attributed to the adverse effects of upstream flooding and strong river currents, exacerbated by potential operational errors onboard the vessel. This incident draws parallels to a previous tragedy in June 2007, where a sand-laden vessel struck the Jiujiang Bridge, resulting in significant structural damage and loss of life. Similarly, in February of this year, another collision involving a cargo ship on the Pearl River system resulted in fatalities and bridge damage, underscoring recurring safety concerns in the region.

The maritime community emphasizes the critical importance of adherence to navigational best practices, particularly during adverse weather conditions. Moreover, ongoing efforts to enhance infrastructure resilience and regulatory oversight are imperative to mitigate the risks associated with maritime operations in challenging environments.

As the search for the missing crewmembers continues, authorities remain vigilant in their commitment to ensuring maritime safety and minimizing the recurrence of such tragic incidents in the future.


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