Allseas Secures Contract for Gennaker Offshore Wind Project

Swiss-based Marine Specialist to Install Vital Substations in German Baltic Sea Venture


Swiss-based marine construction specialist Allseas has secured a prestigious contract to undertake the transportation and installation of two vital substations for the Gennaker offshore wind farm situated in the German Baltic Sea. Developed by the esteemed transmission operator 50Hertz, this significant project aims to bolster the region’s renewable energy infrastructure.

The contract, granted by the Dutch-Belgian HSI consortium – comprising HSM Offshore Energy, Smulders, and Iv – encompasses the installation of the Gennaker West and East converter platforms, inclusive of their requisite supporting suction bucket jackets. Allseas, recognized for its expertise in marine operations, will deploy its formidable heavy lift vessel, Pioneering Spirit, to execute the meticulous installation tasks essential for the success of this endeavor.

In a statement, Allseas highlighted the profound significance of this achievement, noting that it further solidifies their position as a premier player in offshore wind installation ventures. The pivotal role entrusted to Pioneering Spirit underscores its unparalleled capabilities in delivering critical assets for offshore energy projects and wind developments throughout Europe.

Positioned 15 kilometers off the German shoreline and boasting an impressive production capacity of 900 MW, the Gennaker wind farm represents a monumental leap forward in the region’s renewable energy landscape. Upon completion, it will stand as the largest and most potent offshore wind farm ever realized in the Baltic Sea, marking a momentous milestone in the pursuit of sustainable energy generation.

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