DOF Secures Lucrative Petrobras Contracts

Norwegian Offshore Giant Expands Operational Footprint with Multi-Million Dollar Agreements


DOF has secured lucrative contracts for two of its anchor-handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels, marking significant advancements in its operational portfolio.

The esteemed Brazilian oil giant, Petrobras, has conferred long-term charter and service agreements upon DOF following a rigorous competitive tender initiated in late 2023. These agreements are anticipated to yield an impressive revenue stream exceeding $192 million.

Under the purview of DOF’s subsidiary, Norskan Offshore, a notable contract has been awarded for the utilization of the Skandi Amazonas, a stalwart anchor handler constructed in 2011. This contractual arrangement spans three years, with provisions for extension options. Notably, the vessel is undergoing meticulous adaptations to align with Petrobras’ exacting operational standards, with delivery slated between mid-May and mid-June 2024.

Furthermore, Petrobras has entrusted DOF’s subsidiary, DOF Subsea Servicos Brasil, with a contract pertaining to the utilization of the Skandi Rio AHTS. Equipped with DOF Subsea’s cutting-edge work-class ROV, this vessel is presently engaged in operations for the Brazilian energy behemoth.

This newly minted contract extends over a duration of four years, with an optional extension for an additional year. Scheduled to commence within the fourth quarter of 2024, this agreement seamlessly follows the conclusion of the current operational contract, ensuring uninterrupted service provision.

Mons S. Aase, the esteemed CEO of DOF Group, expressed his sentiments regarding this landmark achievement, stating, “Building backlog into 2028 at today’s strong market rates is positive, and we look forward to continue delivering Petrobras quality services.” His remarks underscore the company’s steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional services while fortifying its market position amidst prevailing industry dynamics.

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