DP World Romania Doubles Capacity at Constanta Port

Significant Investment Enhances Container and Cargo Operations, Positioning Constanta as a Key Black Sea Hub


DP World Romania, a prominent player in the maritime logistics industry, has significantly enhanced its operational capacity at the Black Sea port of Constanta. This development, led by the company’s CEO, Cosmin Carstea, marks a pivotal moment for the region’s logistics and shipping sectors. The substantial investment aims to boost not only container shipping but also various cargo and freight services, positioning Constanta as a critical hub in the Black Sea.

DP World, part of the UAE’s global logistics giant DP World [RIC:RIC.UL], has embarked on a comprehensive expansion of its facilities in Constanta. This includes the addition of project cargo facilities designed for handling high-value and complex equipment, and the establishment of a roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) terminal capable of managing up to 80,000 vehicles annually. These upgrades are complemented by the completion of a logistics hub in western Romania, which seamlessly connects the industrial heartland of the country to the port via road and rail. Next year, the logistics hub will be further enhanced with a new multi-transport platform, reinforcing the port’s strategic importance.

The investment, totaling 130 million euros ($139.31 million), was partially funded by European Union grants, reflecting the project’s regional significance. Carstea highlighted the company’s focus on attracting and retaining new trade flows, particularly those between Turkey, Georgia, Romania, and broader Europe. This strategic vision aims to diversify the port’s operations and enhance its competitive edge.

One of the key targets for DP World Romania is the project cargo sector, with a specific focus on wind turbines and factory relocations. The new ro-ro terminal is expected to attract a variety of heavy vehicles, including trucks and trailers. Carstea also sees potential growth in the furniture, automotive, and consumer goods industries, both for imports and exports. The company’s projections suggest that the new platform will reach full utilization within five years, demonstrating a strong demand for these enhanced services.

The recent developments have more than doubled DP World Romania’s container shipping capacity, from 700,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2023 to an impressive 1.5 million TEUs. Additionally, the new facilities are expected to increase the overall cargo flow by around two million metric tons annually. This expansion aligns with the broader trend observed at the port of Constanta, where the total traffic of goods reached 92.5 million tons in 2023, a significant 22.5% increase from the previous year.

The surge in exports of Ukrainian grain through Constanta has played a crucial role in this growth, supported by strategic infrastructure investments. Furthermore, the port’s appeal has been enhanced as companies shift their operations to Eastern European low-cost manufacturing hubs, aiming to streamline and shorten supply chains.

In a notable move to enhance operational efficiency, DP World Romania has acquired a state-of-the-art scanner for the customs agency. This advanced equipment can process up to 60 trucks per hour, a substantial improvement over the current capacity of four scans per hour. This upgrade is expected to facilitate smoother and faster cargo processing, further enhancing the port’s competitiveness.

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Carstea noted that the war had only a limited impact on costs for the port of Constanta. However, the logistics landscape has been significantly affected by external factors, such as the Houthi attacks on vessels in the Red Sea. These attacks have extended the travel time for ships coming from Asia to Constanta, now requiring 60 days compared to the previous 36 days.

The expansion at DP World Romania is a testament to the company’s commitment to enhancing the logistics infrastructure in the region. By doubling its container capacity and improving cargo handling capabilities, DP World Romania is poised to play a crucial role in the Black Sea’s maritime logistics landscape. This strategic investment not only strengthens Constanta’s position as a key logistics hub but also sets the stage for sustained economic growth and development in Eastern Europe.

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