Hapag-Lloyd and ZeroNorth Partner for Digital Bunker Solution

New collaboration aims to revolutionize bunker procurement and accelerate maritime decarbonization efforts.


Hapag-Lloyd, a leading global container shipping company, has announced a strategic partnership with ZeroNorth, a tech company specializing in maritime digital solutions. This collaboration aims to develop and introduce a groundbreaking bunker procurement and planning solution tailored for the maritime industry. The initiative represents a significant stride towards digital transformation and decarbonization in maritime logistics.

On Wednesday, both companies revealed their plan to create a digital solution designed to help Hapag-Lloyd navigate the ongoing energy transition more effectively, reduce fuel expenditure, and minimize overall service costs. This partnership aligns with Hapag-Lloyd’s broader strategic objective to enhance the sustainability of its operations.

Jan Christensen, Hapag-Lloyd’s Senior Director of Global Fuel Purchasing, emphasized the importance of this partnership: “We have a clear strategic direction to advance decarbonization across our fleet and across our business. To do this, we need to find the right partners – and we believe that ZeroNorth is perfectly placed to enable us to digitalize our bunker procurement and planning activity. ZeroNorth has strong domain expertise, a proven track record of success in developing and operating industry-leading solutions, and a credible vision for the future of the bunkering industry. Together, we believe that we’ll be able to meaningfully impact how we plan and buy our bunker fuel – by far the single largest lever that we can pull in service of our decarbonization ambitions.”

The collaboration emerges amidst a broader trend of digitalization within the bunker market, spurred by technological advancements and the increasing availability of data. These developments facilitate a new era of transparent and accountable bunker procurement decision-making. Digital solutions in this domain promise to streamline the end-to-end bunker planning and procurement process, offering enhanced user experiences, improved contract and port planning, sophisticated contract tender capabilities, and accurate price algorithms.

ZeroNorth’s Managing Director, Kenneth Juhls, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are excited about this impactful partnership with Hapag-Lloyd, which will see us leverage the extensive knowledge and ambition between our two organizations with the aim of transforming the way companies approach bunker planning and procurement during the energy transition. At ZeroNorth, we believe that the challenges that the industry faces are too large to tackle alone. Partnerships are necessary to succeed, and working with Hapag-Lloyd will see us closely collaborate with another top industry player to help them decarbonize and digitalize.”

This partnership signifies a crucial development in the maritime industry’s ongoing efforts to embrace digital transformation and sustainability. Historically, the bunker procurement process has been marred by inefficiencies, opaque pricing, and fragmented data. The traditional methods often led to suboptimal decision-making and higher costs. However, the integration of digital solutions promises to address these issues by providing comprehensive visibility, predictive analytics, and real-time data, thus enabling more informed and strategic decisions.

Hapag-Lloyd’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and advancing towards more sustainable operations is in line with global maritime trends. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping, aiming for a 50% reduction by 2050 compared to 2008 levels. To meet these targets, industry players are increasingly turning to digital innovations and strategic partnerships.

The digitalization of bunker procurement is not just a technological upgrade; it is a strategic imperative for the maritime industry. It aligns with broader global efforts to combat climate change and underscores the importance of collaboration between technology providers and traditional industry players. The partnership between Hapag-Lloyd and ZeroNorth exemplifies this collaborative approach, combining Hapag-Lloyd’s extensive operational expertise with ZeroNorth’s technological prowess.

Looking forward, the successful implementation of this digital bunker procurement solution could serve as a model for other shipping companies aiming to enhance efficiency and sustainability. It represents a significant step towards a more digitalized, transparent, and environmentally responsible maritime industry. This partnership is poised to set new standards in the industry, demonstrating the critical role of digital solutions in achieving sustainable growth and operational excellence.


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