ONE and Hutchison Ports Gdynia Host Successful Charity Run

Maritime industry collaboration raises significant funds for local causes in Gdynia, Poland.


In a remarkable display of community spirit and industry collaboration, Ocean Network Express (ONE) and Hutchison Ports Gdynia (GCT) successfully hosted their annual charity run, drawing considerable attention and support from the maritime sector and local community in Poland. The event, held last weekend, underscored the positive impact that collective efforts can have in supporting local causes, enhancing community well-being, and promoting a culture of giving back.

The ONE Terminal Run, a flagship initiative aimed at fostering connections within the maritime industry through fundraising and wellness activities, saw the collaborative efforts of Ocean Network Express (ONE), Hutchison Ports Gdynia (GCT), and The North Event. This year’s event was particularly noteworthy, with approximately 1,300 runners, including children, participating in the race, and over 3,000 supporters cheering them on.

Participants had the option to choose between a one nautical mile (1.8 km) or a 5 km run, both of which took them through the unique and challenging terrain of stacked container rows in the GCT terminal. The start and finish lines were creatively marked by arches formed from ONE containers, symbolizing the unity and support of the maritime industry. The event commenced with a lively warm-up session set to music, further energizing the participants and spectators alike.

Funds raised through the event will benefit several local charities, continuing a tradition of generosity that has seen over €33,000 donated to date. This year’s beneficiaries include The Why Not Association, which supports children and youth with disabilities; The Szkwal Foundation, aiding at-risk young people; and two local schools dedicated to children with disabilities. The funds were raised through ticket sales and an ongoing online auction, with this year’s edition already amassing an estimated €19,000.

The event’s impact on the local community has been substantial. Previous donations have enabled the establishment of three sensory integration rooms in primary schools in Gdynia, the provision of specialized wheelchair equipment for the Cool Awi Association, and numerous other contributions to local schools and organizations supporting children with disabilities. These contributions highlight the sustained commitment of ONE and Hutchison Ports Gdynia to enhancing the lives of those in their community.

The success of the charity run was made possible by the support and sponsorship from a wide range of stakeholders in the transport, logistics, and maritime industries. Notable sponsors included the Port of Gdynia Authority, Morska Agencja Gdynia, MacGregor Global, Loconi Intermodal S.A, ECU Worldwide, Uni-logistics Sp. z o.o, and Their contributions ensured that the event was not only a logistical success but also a significant fundraising achievement.

The children’s run, a highlight of the event, was sponsored by IT Logistics and Nautiqus Food Logistics. This segment saw almost half of the employees from these sponsors participating, showcasing their commitment to the cause. Notably, Dorota, a three-time podium finisher in the adult race, received a mini container trophy, celebrating her consistent performance and dedication.

The ONE Terminal Run stands as a testament to the power of collaboration within the maritime industry. By bringing together industry professionals, local residents, and corporate sponsors, the event has created a platform for meaningful contributions to local causes, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. As the online auction continues, the final tally of funds raised promises to further enhance the impact of this annual event.

In the broader context of the maritime and logistics industry, events like the ONE Terminal Run serve as a reminder of the sector’s potential to contribute positively to society. The blend of physical activity, community engagement, and charitable giving encapsulates the essence of corporate social responsibility, setting a precedent for other organizations in the industry. The success of the event in Gdynia underscores the importance of such initiatives and their role in strengthening community bonds and supporting those in need.

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