Borealis Maritime Joins Eyesea to Combat Marine Pollution

Partnership Leverages Fleet Technology for Real-Time Ocean Pollution Reporting and Environmental Protection


UK-based Borealis Maritime has announced a new partnership with Eyesea, a non-profit organization dedicated to mapping ocean and coastal pollution. This collaboration aims to leverage Borealis Maritime’s extensive fleet of over 25 vessels to provide real-time reporting and data collection on marine pollution, thereby contributing to global environmental protection efforts.

Eyesea operates by gathering data on marine pollution from maritime professionals and enthusiasts through its innovative app. This data is crucial in identifying pollution hotspots and informing targeted clean-up initiatives and environmental improvement strategies. With the involvement of Borealis Maritime’s diverse fleet, which includes tankers, offshore vessels, and container ships, Eyesea can significantly expand its data collection capabilities and enhance its environmental impact.

Christoph E. Toepfer, CEO of Borealis Maritime, emphasized the importance of this partnership, highlighting the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. “We are excited to join forces with Eyesea. As a company deeply connected to the oceans, we recognize our responsibility to protect marine environments. We encourage our fleet to actively contribute to Eyesea’s innovative approach to tracking and addressing pollution, helping to safeguard our seas for future generations,” Toepfer stated.

This collaboration builds on Borealis Maritime’s previous engagement with Eyesea, where staff from the company’s German operations have participated in clean-up initiatives. The new partnership formalizes and expands this involvement, integrating pollution reporting into the daily operations of Borealis Maritime’s fleet. This strategic alliance exemplifies how industry leaders can play a pivotal role in environmental protection through active participation and technological innovation.

Eyesea Founder, Graeme Somerville-Ryan, welcomed Borealis Maritime’s support and highlighted the significance of such partnerships in the broader context of marine conservation. “The addition of Borealis Maritime’s fleet enhances our ability to collect comprehensive data on marine pollution. Their commitment sets an important example within the maritime industry, and we are grateful for their support in our shared goal of cleaner oceans,” Somerville-Ryan remarked.

The use of cutting-edge technology by Eyesea is central to its mission. By utilizing a global network of maritime partners, Eyesea collects and analyzes data on marine pollution, providing a detailed and actionable picture of oceanic and coastal pollution. This data is invaluable in driving policy changes, initiating clean-up projects, and raising awareness about the pressing issue of marine pollution.

The maritime industry has long been recognized as both a significant contributor to and a crucial player in addressing marine pollution. Historical instances, such as the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, underscore the devastating impact maritime operations can have on marine environments. However, the industry has also made considerable strides in adopting sustainable practices and technologies aimed at reducing its ecological footprint.

Borealis Maritime’s partnership with Eyesea is a continuation of this positive trend. It not only reinforces the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also exemplifies a broader shift within the maritime sector towards proactive environmental stewardship. By integrating real-time pollution reporting into their operations, Borealis Maritime is setting a new standard for industry practices, encouraging other maritime companies to follow suit.

The importance of such initiatives cannot be overstated. Marine pollution poses a severe threat to marine life, ecosystems, and human health. From plastic waste and chemical pollutants to oil spills and abandoned fishing gear, the pollutants that enter our oceans have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts. Collaborative efforts like those between Borealis Maritime and Eyesea are essential in addressing these challenges and fostering a sustainable future for our oceans.

The partnership between Borealis Maritime and Eyesea represents a significant advancement in the fight against marine pollution. By combining Borealis Maritime’s extensive fleet and Eyesea’s innovative technology and global network, this collaboration has the potential to make a substantial impact on the health of our oceans. It stands as a testament to the power of industry and non-profit partnerships in driving meaningful environmental change and highlights the critical role of the maritime sector in safeguarding marine ecosystems for future generations.

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